Our Winter Menu —


Smoked Brisket

Salt and Pepper Rub and a clean Oak wood fire for 16 hours


Pulled Pork

Rubbed in garlic, pepper, salt and spices, smoked for 12 hours and pulled to order


Pork Spare Ribs

Trimmed and seasoned with our pork rub. Available sauced and unsauced


Smoked Turkey Breast

Herb brined turkey breast rubbed with black pepper and smoked for 4 hours



Brisket soaked in our signature brine, then rubbed in coriander and black pepper before spending 14 hours in the smoker. Available as a special and a la carte order only.


Beef Ribs

Giant Fred Flinstone ribs. Sold by the rib as a special or whole rack only.


Mac & Cheese

Macaroni, cheese sauce, and more cheese


Peanut Slaw

Cabbage, cilantro, peanuts, onions, light dressing (no mayo)


Potato Salad

Potatoes in salad form



Traditional posole made with our smoked pork shoulder. Special during the winter time


Burnt Ends*

Fatty brisket chunks smoked extra long for that extra bark. Available as special only


Smoked 1/3lb. links (Chorizo, Louisiana, Beef)